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Dumpstertech 13 - Bromidic Buccaneers


Lewis is back in the Dumpster, and we are talking about The Palm Pre, Pystar's Bankrupy, Core I5 Delays, and the Pirate Bay trial.

Also at the end we stop talking about Tech and let loose on the latest Star Trek movie...

The regulars: Graham Lovhaug, James Zirbes, Randy Meyers

Guest: LewisLovhaug

Producer: James Zirbes

You can download the podcast  here!


Thanks for Listening




Came from AT4W and you guys are pretty awesome. Anyways just wanted to add a 4th group to the list of pirates which I myself belong to. The 'Try it before I buy it' group. I'm a poor college student but when I say download a comic or game or cd and it's awesome I'll eventually go buy it. I'm mean yeah I don't do it always, but I do try.


Palm Pre

I think a TechCrunch headline summed it up best - "The Palm Pre is going to fail."

Also, second AT4Wer here. :D

Re: Palm Pre ~GL

Care to elaborate on that?

I personally am excited about the Pre. Both my fiance and I are getting it upon it's release on Saturday. Love the Physical keyboard, kind of must since I can't stand virtual keyboards. WebOS seems really neat and really fast, gotta love being able to run multiple apps, plus closing them is really easy.

Don't really see how it's going to "fail"... But lets hear your thoughts?


Re: Palm Pre

Again with the TechCrunch;

"And so we reach nearly the end of Palm Pre madness and I’m afraid to report that after all the magic, all the tears, all the joy the Palm Pre will be just another phone. It won’t save Palm, it won’t change paradigms, and it won’t send the iPhone hegemony crashing to its knees. The Palm Pre will launch with a whisper, not a bang.

Why? Because we hyped it too much. Because the software is untested in real-life situations and we, as neophiles, are delightfully impatient when it comes to wonky design. Because the hardware is “plasticky,” according to Boy Genius and “you often hit multiple keys at the same time while typing.” Because, to paraphrase the old saying, no matter how much you obsess and how many Apple engineers you hire the last opinion always falls to the consumer."


Re: Palm Pre

I don't know... Guess we will wait and see. I think it's a win for Sprint and for Palm, sure it won't kill the Iphone, but it might bury the G1 (granted I didn't say Android, I said G1). Plus there are a lot of pissed off Iphone users out there. Even if they steal a few of them and it gets captured on Camera and reported in the news, may just be some good press.

This phone does a lot of things, and it does them right. Aggregating Contact information from the cloud is really neat. Syncing with multiple exchanges accounts is something no Iphone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone can do, and thats a really cool option for buisness users like myself. Multitasking is something the Iphone dreams about, real push notifications, let alone unabrussive notifications that applications can utilize...

It probably won't take the world by storm, but it's good competition, and I don't think it will really be DOA. Just wait, Saturday is launch, and I know there will be lines. They will most likely sell out everywhere and thats a win in my book.


Re: Palm Pre

The only problem with it "competing" with the iPhone is, of course, apps. It's yet another phone to develop for, and most developers won't do it. The main kick of the iPhone has always been it's app features, and even if the Palm Pre is just as easy to develop for, the iPhone already has monopolized this market. I just don't think that the Pre has enough going for it to make it anything else than just another throwaway-smart phone.

Re: Palm Pre

Combine that with the Sheer number of Pro Pre comments left after that entry, I think Tech Crunch may have missed something....

But thanks again for the comments, to each there own.